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Team Canada Released


The open team...

Head Coach: Kirk Nylen
Assistant Coach: Geoff Urton
Assistant Coach: Peter Jamieson

Aaron Liu (Vancouver)
Andrew Vogt (Winnipeg)
Andy Siy (Vancouver)
Cam Burden (Winnipeg)
Cam Harris (Toronto)
Carson Turner (Ottawa)
Danny Alary (Sherbrooke)
Einer Lim (Vancouver)
Giorgio Traini (Toronto)
Graham Landon (Vancouver)
Ian Chan (Vancouver)
Kevin Fong (Vancouver)
Kevin Tran (Ottawa)
Kyle Lohrson (Winnipeg)
Mark Lloyd (Winnipeg)
Martin Jim (Vancouver)
Myles Sinclair (Vancouver)
Nick Tam (Ottawa)
Quin Rusnak (Winnipeg)
Ryan Sun (Vancouver)
Sean Brooks (Winnipeg)
Shaw Dungate (Barrie)
Simon LaViolette (Ottawa)
Stan Tsia (Vancouver)
Thomas Black (Toronto)
Tim Tsang (Vancouver)


Dan Dantzig (Toronto)

The girls team...

Head Coach: Sheri Madigan
Assistant Coach: Lexi Marsh
Assistant Coach: Danielle Fortin

Caitlind Lusty (Barrie)
Catherine Hui (Vancouver)
Catherine Lacome (Sherbrooke)
Celine Tsai (Vancouver)
Chantal Africa (Vancouver)
Corine Masse (Sherbrooke)
Dom Rioux (Ottawa)
Erica Tucker (Toronto)
Gera Stancheva (Vancouver)
Heather McCabe (Ottawa)
Jeanette Quach (Toronto)
Jessica Circe (Sherbrooke)
Jessica Fun (Vancouver)
Jordan Meron (Toronto)
Julie Moens (Vancouver)
Kaiya Seaman (Winnipeg)
Kaylee Sparks (Ottawa)
Latitia Seaman (Winnipeg)
Lauren Roberts (Winnipeg)
Maria Chau (Vancouver)
Olana Wach (Winnipeg)
Rena Kawabata (Vancouver)
Robyn Fashler (Vancouver)
Samie Lovat (Winnipeg)
Taryn Haggerstone (Vancouver)
Taylor Rusnak (Winnipeg)

Crystal Koo (Vancouver)
Kristin Yip (Vancouver)
Lesley Cheng (Vancouver)
Nicole Steinbrecher (Vancouver)
Sarah Wildgen (Ottawa)
Tess Studenis (Toronto)

Comments welcome, who should have made it? How does team Canada stack up against the rest of the world?

PlayUltimateCanada is still looking for contributors, if you are interested please contact

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Still looking for contributors

As you might have been able to tell, we are still looking for contributors. If you think you have anything to add to the discussion about high school ultimate in Canada please email


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When does your team's season start?

An open thread to start things off a little....

When does your team start their season?
What are you doing to prepare for it? Captains meetings, securing new coaches, figuring out field space, scoping out opponents.

Feel free to answer in the comments

A side note: PlayUltimateCanada is still looking for contributors, please email if you have any interest.


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Welcome to PlayUltimateCanada!


Welcome to PlayUltimateCanada, the newest facet of PlayUltimateMedia. PlayUltimateCanada aims to be for Canadian high school ultimate what PlayUltimate is for high school ultimate in the united states - a definitive source for news and commentary.

We are currently accepting applications for contributors. If you live in Canada, coach a high school team there, play on a high school team or even if you just follow the scene we would love to have your application. Especially we are looking for contributors out of Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Manitoba (Winnipeg), and Ottawa - in addition to anywhere else high school ultimate is being played.

If you have any interest please email

Thanks for stopping by!


(ps - we will formally announce and open the site sometime in the next two weeks, so stay tuned and check back often)

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We look to feature contributors from all areas of Canada - all devoted to bringing you all the latest scores, recaps, hype and hooplah from the hottest high school scenes.

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